So, I took a leap of faith and got myself the newly released Canon EOS R5 camera. For someone who’s mostly used Nikon cameras (even though my first camera was a Canon, it’s a pretty new adventure for me. This venture into the mirrorless world was riddled with indecision and worry, but I did it. And so far, I don’t have any regrets.
Here’s my unboxing video. I took the time to show you what’s in the box when you get a new Canon mirrorless camera, with a brief first look and feel reaction as well as what each item is for.
I’ll be sharing subsequently about my first impressions and how I feel after using it for the first time, what I don’t like. But this is just an unboxing video and the rest will come later.
I’ll also be sharing soon about if and why I am making a full switch to the Canon ecosystem, what that entails and what it will be, going forward.

Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. This is the first Youtube vlog that I have that I’m speaking straight to the camera, so I was pretty nervous, but I’m glad I did it.
Here’s to many more.