I’ve been photographing now for about 7 years. I’ve been learning, growing, attempting new techniques, focusing on the creative process. All of a sudden, I’m starting a blog and vlog. Why this all of a sudden?
The easy answer is to share.
I think that’s the basic idea. Everything I’ve done so far, for me, has been a process of figuring things out. And while I’ve had a few classes, shared a few tutorials, and answered multiple questions (both on my numerous pages and @XLearns on twitter), I still feel like a designated learning point is necessary, for posterity ad ease of access.
And so here we are, stuck at home during 2020’s ever so debilitating COVID 19 season, engaging in varying types of challenges and overpopulating our minds with fun and not-so-fun social media content, I thought it might do some good to create this avenue to share.
I’ve decided not to put too much text; just brief ideas of my process here and there, explain the concepts and directions, the stories of the creations, and any other things I come up with. I’ll probably also share gear recommendations and thoughts, both in vlogs and texts, so look out for those too.

Welcome to this journey of sharing with me. If you have things you’d like me to speak on, or talk about in my vlogs or just here, please share. I’m learning this too, and I can tell you ahead that I may not be consistent, but I will do the best I can to put something up as much as possible.

Let’s learn together.