I'm consistently seeking learning opportunities. I've gotten to learn that people are a product of their experiences and this helps me to relate with people on a deeper level. For the most part, when I shoot people, I try to capture who they are, not just what they look like. I try to do it in the purest of ways.

I've been privileged to contribute with my multidimensional talents to different spheres; in Corporate Communications at Unilever Nigeria, as Content Manager, Producer and Marketing Consultant at Kings Broadcasting's We FM in Abuja or managing Brand and Design at Andela Inc. Now, I'm focusing on helping build global brands, through Photography, Design and Brand Building. Over my 9 years of photography so far, my work has been featured on CNN, USA Today, Financial Times, Vogue Italia, and Lightroom, among others. I was nominated for the Future Award prize in Photography, and as the Best Photographer at the Fashion Finest Africa, and I’ve done multiple exhibitions in many places across the world, including at the Africa Photo Festival in New York, The Wheatbaker Hotel, and a McKinsey showcase. I also started recording and releasing music in 2019. In 2020, I was among the photographers listed on YNaija’s 101 Most Influential Nigerians in Fashion and Lifestyle. So far, my work has allowed me to share local stories on international platforms, and I hope to be a significant driving force in the recognition of Art in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


I’ve always believed art to be life. It’s how we feel, who we are, what we do, where we come from. All of life is art, and Photography is to me a form of artistic expression. Photography is powerful. It can create ideas, preserve memories, influence decisions, compel actions and affect emotions. It has the power to bring the past to the present, to preserve the present for the future and to predict the future in the present.

Photography means an opportunity; it means a privilege; it sometimes even means control and power. It means the ability to touch lives, to tell stories and to effect change.